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Upcoming retreats + trainings – pa’lante como el elefante

Dear friends!

We’re knee deep into 2017, and it’s been a busy year so far – but we’re trusting our buddy Frank when he tells us that the best is yet to come. Have a scroll, and see what we’re talking about.

It’s all kicking off next month (AUGUST) at Yoga House Sacred Valley.

August 4 – 6th

Therapeutic & Healing LUNAR Acro Yoga Retreat w/ Anthony Alcalde

lunar anthony

AcroYoga is a unique practice that blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics.

These 3 days will be filled with deep exploration into the self and how we show up to support and create community. It is open to all levels of practitioners and you can come alone or with a friend.

Therapeutic & Healing LUNAR Acro Yoga Retreat w/ Anthony Alcalde

Love, Life & Flight
(Therapeutic Flying & Thai Massage)

Flying is a dance between Shiva & Shakti, that utilizes the compliments of strong grounding energy and fluid receptive energy. It is a practice of giving and receiving, honoring and accepting, inhaling and exhaling that will take both yogis into a new place of union and bliss.

The base creates a stable platform for the flyer to receive inverted aerial asana flows, blended with therapeutic massage techniques. The relationship between partners deepens as they exchange roles as flyer and base, increasing their capacity for trust and communication. The flyer receives spinal and muscular release while the base is the recipient of Thai Massage and the Buddhist practice of metta loving kindness.

Friday, August 4th
Therapeutic FRONT Flying

The flyer is responsible for breathing deep, relaxing their muscles and communicating what is working and what can work better. The base uses their body with the support of gravity to sculpt the flyer into many shapes that stretch and open the flyer’s upper body. As the flyer trusts the base, the opening of the emotional body aids the opening of the physical body.

Saturday, August 5th
SUPINE Thai Massage (Face Up)

Each Thai Massage sequence is designed to prepare the students for a certain family of therapeutic flying, and as such, has been crafted primarily through the lens. We use each sequence as a tool to inform the practitioners of key hand and foot positions, and massage techniques for flying, as well as potent leg love moves for the base.

Saturday, August 5th
Therapeutic BACK Flying

The flyer is responsible for breathing deep, relaxing their muscles and communicating what is working and what can work better. The base uses their body with the support of gravity to sculpt the flyer into many shapes that stretch and open the flyer’s upper body. As the flyer trusts the base, the opening of the emotional body aids the opening of the physical body.

Sunday, August 6th
PRONE Thai Massage

Each Thai Massage sequence is designed to prepare the students for a certain family of therapeutic flying, and as such, has been crafted primarily through the lens. We use each sequence as a tool to inform the practitioners of key hand and foot positions, and massage techniques for flying, as well as potent leg love moves for the base.

Sunday, August 6th
Therapeutic Flying Transitions

As we create our flow, transitions allow us to maintain the flyer in the air, surrendering to gravity longer and allows the base to go deeper into a healing practice. We will be able to link front and back flying in a graceful and relaxing way.

*** A $75 deposit reserves your spot ***

Package 1: All inclusive (activities, lodging + food)
SUPER Early Bird (Before May 30th): $292
Early Bird 2 (Before June 13): $307
Regular (After July 1): $330

Package 2: Workshops + Lodging
SUPER Early Bird (Before May 30): $232
Early Bird 2 (Before June 13): $247
Regular (After July 1): $269

Package 3: Workshops + Camping + Food
SUPER Early Bird (Before May 30): $283
Early Bird 2 (Before June 13): $298
Regular (After July 1): $318

Package 4: Workshops + Camping
SUPER Early Bird (Before May 30): $223
Early Bird 2 (Before June 13): $238
Regular (After July 1): $257

Package 5: 1 Workshop: $50


August 21 – 23rd

Anusara Yoga Retreat with Gaby Zermeno, “Viaje al Profundo del Corazon” / “Journey to the Depths of the Heart”

Course in Spanish with translation to English


Descripción: A través de asanas, pranayama, mantras, mudras, meditaciones basados en la filosofía de Tantra y Bhakti Yoga, viajaremos a lo profundo de nuestros corazones porque es ahí donde podemos sanar, reconocer lo que verdaderamente somos y conectar con la mejor versión de nosotros mismos para vivir una vida más plena.

Retiro de Anusara Yoga en el Valle Sagrado

Fechas: 21 y 23 de Agosto

Sesión 1: “Abriéndonos a nuevas posibilidades”
Martes, 22 de Agosto, 10:30 – 13:30

La filosofía del yoga nos dice que “Avidya”, generalmente traducido como ignorancia o el no saber, nos lleva a identificarnos con las cosas externas: el cuerpo, los títulos, lo que tenemos y todo eso es la causa del sufrimiento y dolor.

A través de extensiones podremos abrir nuestro corazón para reconocer lo que verdaderamente somos.

Sesión 2: “Compromiso con nuestra práctica”
Martes, 22 de Agosto, 16:00 – 19:00

Tanto el Bhakti Yoga como el Tantra Yoga nos hablan de las cualidades de nuestra esencia, lo importante es qué tanto podemos reconocer y vivir esas cualidades en nosotros mismos.

Con una práctica de balance de brazos, practicaremos abrazar con compromiso lo que verdaderamente somos.

Sesión 3: “De Bhava a MahaBhava”
Miercoles, 23 de Agosto, 10:30 – 13:30

En esta sesión aprenderemos como trabajar con las emociones según el Bhakti Yoga. Reconociendo y honrado todo el tipo de emociones es cómo podemos transformarlas. Porque las emociones no son ni buenas ni malas, sino lo importante es qué hacemos con ellas. Cultivaremos, a través de flexiones, conectar con nuestras emociones para transformalas.

Sesión 4: “Bhava como Actitud”
Miercoles, 23 de Agosto, 16:00 – 19:00

La actitud es la que hace toda la diferencia en nuestra vida. Bhakti yoga nos invita a cultivar ciertas actitudes que nos ayudan a vivr desde una espacio más pleno y feliz. Una práctica divertida de balances de brazos y extensión para cultivar todas las actitudes que pueden traer mas plenitud y felicidad a nuestra vida.

Taller + 2 noches hospedaje + 5 comidas = $200
Taller + 2 noches hospedaje = $164
Taller + 2 noches de camping + comida = $182
Taller + 2 noches de camping = $158

Pago antes del 5 de agosto con 15% descuento.


September 19 – 24, 2017

New Moon & Equinox Yoga Retreat with Kat Narvaez and Chilean Medicine Woman Teresa


New Moon + Equinox Retreat

At the time of Equinox (fall or spring), we observe the balanced hours of light between night and day. It is also a time for letting go, opening yourself up to new intentions, dreams and possibilities.

Regardless of whether the September Equinox marks the start of Fall or Spring in your hometown, take a step back from the busy pace of life and join us in celebration of the New Moon in Virgo, Spring Equinox, y sobre todo, celebration of life and of YOU.

During the six-day experience we will enjoy:
– Yoga & meditation classes with Kat
– Workshops inspired by New Moon
– Sacred Fire Ceremony with Teresa
– Healing & Energetic Bath with Teresa
– 1 Day Juice Detox & Day of Silence
– Psychoenergetic Meditation
– New Moon Ritual
– Quiet time for walking or journaling
– Delicious, nourishing vegetarian meals

SUPER Early bird special (Before August 1st): $445
Early Bird Price (Before August 15th): $455
Regular price: $470

About our hosts:
Kat Narvaez is the founder and creator of Yoga Room Cusco, an inspiration she found in her father’s journal after his sudden passing in 2011. She has studied yoga extensively (200hr Ashtanga Anusara, 300hr Power Yoga, 300hr Therapuetic Yoga, 300hr Universal Yoga) and is studying 300hrs again with Andrey Lappa in Thailand May – July, 2017. Her classes are dynamic, inspiring and empowering and rooted in the authentic teachings of yoga.
Teresa is a Chilean Medicine Woman dedicated to energy work, medicinal herbs, and psychoanalysis through Tarot for the last 17 years. By profession, she has a Doctorate in Biology and is a Massage Therapist. She has been living in Peru for the past 16 years. Those who find their way to her beautiful home in Calca are truly blessed and fortunate to work with such a powerful and grounded healer.


October 12 – 17, 2017

Blissed Out Retreats Presents: Conscious Mind, Body + Soul Women’s Retreat with Vegan Chef Christy Morgan and Kat Narvaez

Nourish yourself with yoga, meditation, vegan cooking classes, community outreach and Cusco’s sacred ruins and mountains. Join us, packages start at $500.

Email: info@blissedoutyogaretreats and for more information.


Join Kat and Christy for this unforgettable experience where we wrap ourselves in the magical Sacred Valley, enjoy a day trip to historical Cusco, volunteer in the community to give something back, and have yoga, meditation, and cooking classes to help you connect to yourself and reboot your health and more. Deepen your meditation practice or learn how to incorporate simple methods into your busy schedule that will bring peace and happiness to your life.

Have you dreamed of visiting Peru but were scared to take the leap? You don’t have to do it alone! This retreat is for females only. Do you need a little break from the hustle and bustle of life. Our experience will be transformational but will give you time to relax and recharge. All while connecting with like-minded individuals on the journey.

Your experience includes:

  • 6 day/5 night stay in the Sacred Valley (shared only available)
  • Daily movement to elevate your spirit (yoga, meditation, some hiking)
  • Nourishing meals, all plant-based, spotlighting local cuisine
  • A Despacho ceremony & sacred ruins exploration
  • Service day with Amantani shelter for kids
  • Transfer to guesthouse from Cusco, and to scheduled activities
  • A time away to reconnect with yourself, find peace, move your body, give back and more!

A visit to Machu Picchu can be added onto your retreat, either during or adding on one extra day for the visit for an additional cost. We’ll help you organize a tour or visit depending on your budget. A private tour could be around $350 USD to give you an idea

More information:


Prices start at only $500 shared (early bird price until July 25th)! Space is very limited in the guesthouse and we will sell out so don’t wait! 

$500 per person quad room/share bath (regular price after July 25th $600)
$595 per person triple room/shared bath (regular price after July 25th $695)
$655 per person double share/private bath (regular price after July 25th $755)

Please note: Since rooms/bathrooms are all shared this will be for females only.

Non refundable deposit of $200



November 5 – 25, 2017

Maha Vidya Yoga + Ayurveda 200 Hour Teachers Training


200 Hours November 5 – 25, 2017
Optional 100 Hour Program November 5-14, 2017
Optional trip to Machu Pichu November 15


The Maha Vidya School of Yoga and Ayurveda invites you to a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into the full scope of the practice of Yoga within the beauty of the natural setting of Peru. This 200 Hour Teachers Training offers a comprehensive in depth study of Yoga and Ayurvedic theory for students and teachers interested in gaining proficiency in the subtle awareness of practice while exploring through asana, pranayama and meditation techniques.

$1,675.00 – Early Bird 200 Hour Teachers Training
(valid until June 15, 2017)
$1,975.00 – 200 Hour Teachers Training (regular price)
$1,175.00 – 100 Hour Teachers Training

Topics Include:
Traditional Himalayan Yoga
Hatha/Ashtanga/ Raja/ Tantra
Advanced Theory of Pranayama and the simplicity of practice
Ayurveda: Prana, Tejas and Ojas
Bandhas through the Body
Concentration Techniques
Understanding the Samadhis
Creative Asana Exploration
The Maha Gunas in Life and Practice
Marmas in Asana
Anatomy of Kundalini
Bhakti- Guru and Dattatreya

A 200 Hour Certification of Completion will be granted at the end of this program. Those qualified through examination will be eligible for a 200 Hour Certification with Yoga Alliance.

About our hosts:
Carlisle Kaza Amlak is a North American Assistant to Universal Yoga, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pancha Karma Specialist, certified Ayurvedic Educator, Ayurvedic Body Healing Therapist, Certified Herbalist, as well as a Sai Shakti healer, Reiki Master and Yoga teacher. Carlisle has studied these ancient practices for over 17 years. Receiving training from the California College of Ayurveda, the East West School of Herbology, as well as teachers trainings with the Himalayan Institute, Universal Yoga and Pranakriya Yoga, she is well versed in the Vedic tradition and is dedicated to upholding the true teachings of the yogic philosophy and application in the modern world. Carlisle is grateful for the opportunity to share Universal Yoga with the guidance of its founder Andrey Lappa and connect with the Universal sangha worldwide.

Zaplin Vermie (ERYT-500) has been intimately engaged with the healing arts since childhood and a dedicated student of yoga for over ten years. Through years of endeavouring his own spiritual and scholastic self-study, this Iowa native has encountered many teachers and teachings from cultures around the world who helped challenge, develop and balance his intellect with compassionate discernment. An ardent student of life, between continuing studies with Andrey Lappa he actively pursues and maintains qualifications in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, comparative religious philosophy and music while teaching yoga and meditation.

Curso traducido a español por Laura Mata


We are here to support one another.

I think what attracts people to Yoga Room Cusco is that it was founded on the motto of JUST BEING REAL about life. My best friend’s older brother always respected how whenever he asked me how I was, I always gave it to him straight. “Awesome, super excited. Or depressed, we lost the soccer game, or hungry, let’s get mozzarella sticks.”

It’s been a journey – this project – and I’m blown away at how it’s evolved into four separate babies, a yoga studio, shop, snack shack and house in the Sacred Valley. Yoga Room Cusco et. al. are my children, my partner, my life, my pan con palta.

Throughout this journey, there have been times when the universe has ignited my spirits with a massive accomplishment and then tested me to stomach a massive let down – all within the same breath.

Like this week. I’ve wanted a cafe or snack bar since the conception of Yoga Room, but it was not until this past November that I decided we’re doing it, full swing ahead. Shove the fear out the window, we’re making a snack shack. Then finally, nearing the end of March, SNACK SHACK went live. People are ordering power balls and teas and coffees and staying for a chat. It’s all happening.  It’s all flowing. Amidst the caos of work and organizing and planning, I pick my head up and look around the first floor. Filled with color and light, high energy, lots of smiles. I remember sitting on the front step. The first floor was a dungeon. Dark and lurking old spirits. But we cleaned up the basement, and it’s shining brighter than ever before. So much to be proud of, so much that I’ve worked to create not only for myself, but for the people who commit themselves to this project as it were their own.

And then – as I’m riding the high, the let down is all like, DING DONG!  I’ll be vague on what happened – because again – it’s not necessarily about hashing out what the other person did or didn’t do, said or didn’t do. It’s about how their action or decision provoked something within me.

We are here to support one another – not just to get through the day to day – but to live aligned with our higher truths and selves. The way we vibe, jive and make decisions helps our compadres bubble up old, unconscious patterns to the surface so they can be released, once and for all.  The universe will keep knocking on your door until you learn to set boundaries, or learn to speak your truth, or simply, wake up.

As I’m growing up and inward with yoga, I’m learning to take my time to process the big shocks. To not make rash judgments or harsh decisions. Intuition will always guide us in the right direction. It feels like a big deal – only because something needs to be brought to my attention. I’m giving myself time to embrace the emotions, see what their triggering, and then release, let go.  From that clear space, the decision, next step, or move on, will be easy and clear.

Thank you friend Michaela Olsen, for sharing your meditation with me on how to move through this. I’m sharing, because perhaps this might be helpful to some of you. Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow or maybe next month.
Embracing Emotions



wake up & die right.

“Wake up and die right.”

I heard this phrase commonly as a kid – it never really made sense to me, but it was quite catchy and chistoso (funny). For me – this phrase is as much of a throwback to childhood as matching top & bottom Gap sweat suits, overalls and Punky Brewster.

Life is also like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. Like this past month (February 2017) with those moons and those eclipses! Waking us up, so we can die right.

Two eclipses and super powerful moons; all that and a bag of chips in just 28 days. These changing tides have certainly stirred up a lot for many of us. Some of us felt weakened, like we were turning into mush – others were haunted by the monkey mind – chitter chatter, chitter chatter – all fueled by those deeply profound issues, traumas, or emotions that our higher self (with or without us realizing) has decided that for ONCE AND FOR ALL, WE MUST RELEASE.

This past month, I found myself in a situation that was a mix between CSM and WTF. Life had been flowing so smoothly – and then! Sabotage. Bursting my bubble.

After I got over a bruised ego (sorry for being vague on the details of the situation, but to protect those involved) – I realized that it wasn’t a fluke chance of bad luck that created this situation. It was actually my higher self, looking to trigger and provoke something within me – so I could once and for all, leave behind wounds of a lower vibration, and keep on, evolving on.

In the grand scheme of things, it had nothing to do with the people involved being selfish or thoughtless – though their faces were the ones causing my immediate discomfort.

And then my higher self stepped in. Paging Kat, wake UP!

This realization happened when I was dancing – ecstatically – awakening the elements (earth, water, fire, air) within me. I’ve never been much of a dancer. I lasted two weeks in ballet when I was younger before I broke my elbow and never returned. But through yoga, I have both experienced and witnessed how we store all sorts of things within our bodies. And through freeing, energetic and wild dance movements – I saw the triggers. Flashbacks. I saw my current day projections – it was the shadow of a wound from my childhood days. What that little girl in overalls and pig tails felt – but couldn’t express and couldn’t understand.

But now that I’m older – hopefully a bit wiser – and definitely looking to become more aware. Part of becoming aware means we must witness, for lack of a better term, our shit. This stuff that ties us down, that doesn’t serve us, that only fuels a monkey mind.

When we really witness ourselves, we in turn must feel. We must recognize, and then – we must make a decision. And we gotta step up to that decision and keep to it – day after day. It’s really intimidating, and most people might chose to turn their left cheek to what’s coming up and wait until the waves settle. But if you want to feel a taste of freedom, moving into a new cycle – take a review of the last month.  If things have been moving, stirring and shaking up for you – take advantage of tomorrow’s new moon and solar eclipse.

Solar eclipses give us the energetic push we need so that we manifest the fresh starts we have been trying to create and so that we listen to, and trust, our soul’s knowledgable whispers. Eclipses are a reminder that our soul is aware of our destiny and inherently knows which roads will lead to true love and the fulfillment of our mission and purpose.

If we are willing to pay attention and work with the cosmic energy this eclipse cycle, it will be beneficial for our evolution and will be profoundly healing. To heal our emotional injuries, we need to focus on nourishing the rejected, unloved and unaccepted aspects of our selves by calling and embracing forgiveness, sensitivity, compassion and empathy.

The New Moon and eclipse arrive together to illuminate the need to let go of old trauma so that painful wounds can be soothed and healed and our energy can focus on creating new, healthy loving experiences.

Elephant Journal, New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Yogis wake up and die right.


Acro Yoga Retreat Sacred Valley / March 31 – April 2, 2017


Friday March 31st – Sunday April 2nd.Acroyoga Retreat_poster FINAL

At Yoga Room Cusco’s Sacred Valley Guesthouse in Arin, Calca


Yoga Room Cusco is beyond excited to host Raquel Koya Mapelli andKasper of Nûna ( for a weekend of Acroyoga. This weekend is open to all levels (beginners to advanced). Disconnect from daily routine and give yourself a special weekend to connect with nature and the beautiful practice of Acroyoga. Three days, two nights in the sacred mountains, healthy food, acroyoga, yoga, parkour/natural movement and dance, meditation, and peace of mind.
Acroyoga combines the attention, mental and physical balance of yoga with the power and strength of acrobatics and the softness and therapeutic qualities of Thai massage. Together they form a healthy practice that is very accessible for beginners to advanced practitioners. It is about allowing ourselves to hold a space fo trust in others and in ourselves.

OUR APPROACH (Nûna Project)
Our approach is to be present and genuine in every moment.

-Communication though the movement
-Creating connection and fluid movement
-New inspirations from other disciplines – especially from the world of dance and free movement and improvisation
-Playing with movement as a way of being in our bodies.


Primero retiro de acroyoga en el spectatular Valle Sagrado de los Incas con Nûna – abierto a todos (principiantes y más avanzados) Desconéctate de la rutina y ven a conectarte con la naturaleza y la linda pratica del acroyoga. Serán 3 días y 2 noches de montañas sagradas, comida sana, práctica de ACROYOGA, yoga, parkour/natural movement y danza, meditación y mucha paz. Estaremos en una hermosa casa en el medio del valle.

Acroyoga combina la atención, el equilibrio mental y físico del yoga con el poder y la fuerza de la acrobacia y la suavidad y cualidades terapéuticas del masaje tailandés. Juntos forman una práctica saludable que es muy accesible desde los principiantes hasta el movimiento más avanzado y solar. Se trata de permitirnos un espacio de confianza en los demás y en nosotros mismos.

NUESTRO ENFOQUE: Nuestro enfoque es estar presente y genuino en cada momento.

– Comunicación a través del movimiento
– Creando la conexión y el movimiento fluido
– Nuevas inspiraciónes de otras disciplinas – especialmente del mundo de la danza y movimiento libre y improvisación
– Jugando con el movimiento como forma de estar en nuestros cuerpos

Schedule / Horario:
14:30 – 16:00 – BIENVENIDO Y REGISTRATION – Welcome and Registration
17:30 – 18:30 – SUNSET YOGA
18:30 – 19.30 – CEREMONIA DE APERTURA – Opening Ceremony
20:00 – 21:00 – CENA – Dinner
21:00 – 21:30 – MANTRAS + MEDITACIÓN – Mantras and meditation

6:00 – 8:00 SUNRISE YOGA
8:00 – 9:30 DESAYUNO – Breakfast
9:30 – 11:00 ACROYOGA
11:00 – 13:30 NATURAL MOVEMENT – Natural Movement
13:30 – 15:30 ALMUERZO – Lunch
15:30 – 16:30 ACROYOGA
16:30 – 17:30 THERAPEUTICS
17:30 – 19:00 FREE TIME
19:00 – 20:30 CENA – Dinner
20:30 – 22:00 SORPRESA -Surprise!

6:00 – 8:00 SUNRISE YOGA + DANZA – Sunrise Yoga + Dance
8:00 – 9:30 DESAYUNO – Breakfast
9:30 – 11:00 ACRODANCE
11:30 – 13:00 NATURAL MOVEMENT
13:00 – 14:30 ALMUERZO – Lunch
14:30 – 16:00 ACROYOGA
16:00 – 16.30 CEREMONIA DE CIERRE + ¡DESPEDIDA! – Closing Ceremony + Goodbye!
… tiempo libre hasta la hora de irse… Free time until you leave


Pricing Options:

Full Package (Activities, Lodging, Food (Dinner Friday to Lunch Sunday)

Early Bird 1 (until March 2): $185 or S/. 600

Early Bird 2 (until March 18): $195 or S/. 630

Regular Price: $215 or S/. 695


Special Prices:

Partial Package (Activities, Lodging, no food included)

$135 or S/. 440

Camping (Provide own tent & bedding to sleep outside)

Discount S/. 20 from cost at date. Can also apply to partial package.



Thai Yoga Massage Course – February 17 – 23, 2017

thai-yoga-massage-coursejpgMarek (Thai yoga massage & Meditation, Jungle Healing, UK), Kat (Yoga Room Cusco) and Tana (Ayurvedic Practitioner, MOKSHA AYURVEDA, Lima) are combining their passions this February in a seven day Thai Massage, yoga and conscious eating course. Hosted at Yoga Room Cusco’s new Sacred Valley home in Arín. You will learn full body sequence over 5 days / 6hrs per day, taught by a certified Sunshine Network teacher (Thailand).

Packages & Prices

Full Deal!
Friday, February 17 to Thursday February 23rd
Price: S/. 2,220 or $634
Includes: Lodging, food, 5 yoga classes, Thai massage course and 3 day conscious food talk

Sign up & deposit by January 15th
S/. 2,120 or $605

Breakfast & Lunch 5 days, dinner last day, 5 yoga classes, Thai massage course, 3 day conscious food talk
Price: S/. 1,600 or $455

Marek Gabor (Jungle Healing)

In 2003 I did my first massage course. I was told by a few that it was a year when I was born again. Until 2007 I was involved with doing and learning various types of massages (reflexology, Aromatherapy, remedial, Indian head massage, deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish, sports etc.)
I knew there much more to massage and without anybody’s advice I went to Thailand to Lahu hill tribe village in the mountains/jungle.

There I had my first experience with Thai yoga massage, Yoga and Meditation. Since then every year I have been spending up to 3-6 months in Asia Thailand/India and getting deeper….ongoing

I never asked or dreamt to became a teacher but gradually I established myself as one of the Sunshine Network teacher (a well known and highly valued organisation as they don’t have time limit for teachers trainings and when you’re ready it just happens)

Most of the time I am based in the UK where I run accredited Thai yoga massage courses, workshops and nature retreats abroad. I have also run my own clinic for the last 8 years.

I have trained with most of well known Thai massage teachers and masters.  I practice and teach Vipassana Meditation, which is always included in my courses or retreats.  I also have a regular Yoga practice and teach Yoga privately (Sivananda Yoga style teacher)

Kat Narvaez (Yoga Room Cusco)

Rise and shine in the beautiful Sacred Valley each morning with yoga guided by Kat.

Kat opened Yoga Room Cusco in April 2015 and is certified in Universal Yoga, Therapeutic, Power and Ashtanga Anusara.  She loves teaching in Cusco, because her heart and soul relate to the essence of travel, of taking off and exploring the unknown. This is what she loves, because this is the desire, this is the search that eventually draws one to move within, and discover amazing things about themselves. Isn’t that the most amazing part about travel, feeling and discovering what moves within?

Tana Cardenas Figueroa (Moksha Ayurveda, Lima)

Certified at AYURVEDIC INSTITUTE, Albuquerque- NM / USA. Over three days, Tana will teach us the basics of Ayurvedic nutrition and how to eat consciously based on our personal constitution.


New at Yoga Room Cusco!

shop-pic-from-danaShaking things up here at Yoga Room Cusco! 

Hello yogis!

We’re excited to announce the official opening of our yogi store on Monday August 22nd! We’ve filled our first floor haven with apothecary goodies (therapeutic grade essential oils, natural soaps, shampoos, creams), super foods (maca, cacao, coconut oil, organic quinua), Peruvian organic coffee, vegan organic chocolate, ñom, ñom, ñom, need we list more?! Come check us out! Our store will be open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.

Also in the works, we’re simplifying our schedule in the studio to start adding MORE special activities OUTSIDE of the studio. You can catch us at 222 Carmen Bajo.

Monday to Friday

9-10:30am – Vinyasa

6-7:30pm – Evening Yoga (Mon: Therapeutic, Tues: Vinyasa, Wed: Yin, Thurs: Flow & Restore, Fri: Vinyasa)


10-11:30am – Vinyasa


10-11:30am – Vinyasa

5-6:30pm – Slow Flow




Drop-in S/. 25

3-pass S/. 60

5-pass S/. 90

10-pass S/. 180

1 week S/. 130

2 weeks S/. 250

1 month S/. 300


#yogaplaylist – my friend Dinésha

#yogaplaylist - my friend Dinésha

The first time Dinésha and I spotted each other was in Greenpoint. She was on a date and bothered by Nahla sitting by her feet. She was a cat person, but Nahla could already sense that we were kindred spirits. A few weeks later we ended up sharing a communal table at Greenpoint, got to talking and quickly got to being friends. Dinésha is an incredible woman, and she gives the most incredible hugs. Many times I would see her on the street, and wherever I was (mentally/energetically/spiritually) her hugs would always top me up a notch. I admire greatly the work she did with disabled children here in Cusco. She’s making her way through the world, fueled by a passion to explore and open-hearted love to share. I love you Dinésha! See you back here soon (I KNOW IT!) what a woman.

Feliz :)

The Story of Sukha, Su Casa and Sukhasana

She ran up the stairs, wagging her tail and found me drinking coffee on the second floor of L’atelier, my friend Ingrid’s café & shop in San Blas. There was a decent size crowd at the time but she ignored all the rest of them and was determined to be by my side. It didn’t take long for her hustle and bustle to get me moving; I paid for my coffee and she followed me out of the store.

We walked back to my house, I opened the door and she ran upstairs. Wilbur (my 6 month old kitten) came to greet her, and gave his notorious high-five, showing her she was welcome but making it clear who’s boss. Then Nahla came out, and like long lost sisters reunited they instantly began to play.

My zoo was growing.

Looking back, it all felt like a blur. A little bit of shock, a little bit of familiarity, and a little bit of this was meant to be. It felt a lot like when my roommate Kaitlyn (‘Bucky’) sent me a text message one Saturday afternoon, “I just found a puppy alone on the street in the rain…do you want to adopt her?” I was taking a nice siesta and then all of a sudden I was watching my life flash before my eyes and thinking about how drastically life would change if I were to adopt a dog. How would I travel? If I grew tired of staying still in one place, how could I escape in a blink of the eye? Despite my initial fears, I knew deep down that this was the next step.

Afternoon siesta

She had no collar but looked well taken care of, so I spent the weekend posting on Facebook and asking neighbors if they knew this dog. No one had any answers, and as time ticked on, I was falling more and more in love with this pup. She came to yoga class every day, learning quickly to snooze alongside Nahla and wake up with the closing aums. She fit right in. Everything flowed perfectly, seamlessly. It felt like pure bliss, watching Nahla, Wilbur and what-should-we-call-her get along so well.

So she landed the name Sukha. A Sanskrit word meaning, flow without obstacles, happiness, ease and bliss. Ironically, this is the name I wanted to give my organic clothing line back in November, until I met a girl who executed that idea just a few months prior. “Everything happens for a reason,” a friend told me. So I called my clothing line Yoga Room, before Yoga Room Cusco became a reality, and kept Sukha in the back of my mind.  Sukhasana, the yoga asana (posture), is easy pose or seated meditation. This pose is all about coming back home to yourself and amplifying your state of serenity and tranquility.

It felt like I was living the dream. Two beautiful dogs and a cat with character. Then reality came knocking four days later when we bumped into one of her owners on our way back from yoga.  Before I knew it, Nahla and I were walking home alone.

I plopped down on the couch and sat there frozen. The separation hit me hard, but within 30 minutes I heard her barking outside my balcony. It felt like a scene out of a movie and my heart exploded with happiness. I opened the door and she ran upstairs, jumped into bed next to Nahla and tucked herself in. She was safe at home, in easy pose.

We had only spent three days together, but it was clear that we were all hooked. Nahla, Wilbur, Sukha & Kat.

Los más engreídos de Cusco

My zoo was growing.

Coincidentally (but really, is anything ever a coincidence?), there was a powerful New Moon in Cancer the week we found Sukha. Cancer is the sign of moods and the moon itself, a water sign that encompasses motherly energy, family and intuition. Set between two full moons this month, the energy this past week was amplified, causing high emotions and reminding us how important family and home is and the need to feel secure. It’s reminding us to be sensitive, to go within and listen to our deepest thoughts and feelings.

Over the next week, I bumped into two of Sukha’s previous owners. They very bravely said the same thing; “Es por algo que regresó a ti. If she’s happy and healthy, she should stay with you. Just be sure to love her fully and unconditionally.” Adding that they were all guys in the house, “Maybe she was looking for a more feminine, motherly love.”

Adopting Sukha is just another piece of my settling down process after eleven years of moving around and constantly scheming new adventures. I’m slowly creating a life for myself here in Cusco, a life that I love.

But I’ll be honest, this hasn’t been easy. I’ve churned through a lot of inner turmoil, rebelling against the idea of setting roots. But what if…what if this isn’t the right place for me? What if I miss out on living somewhere else? The mind, the dear mind. It always wants to question.  It seems as though the very moment you decide to stay still, the mind begins to fire off a million reasons to get going.

cuteness overload @yogaroomcusco

I’ve had my doubts at times because while Cusco is beautiful and incredible, it can be a challenging place to live as a foreign single woman. It’s a small town that can get wrapped up in a sea of drama; it’s a transitory city, people are constantly coming and going. I often wonder if I’d be better off living in a more modern and cosmopolitan environment.  Lima is always in the back of my mind as a place I’d like to return to, and when I escape there for a weekend or the summer, I am surprisingly energized and propelled by it’s intensity; making me realize what a quiet, solitary, and simple life I lead here.  Similar to how the mind might judge and compare thirty minutes of standing and energetic asanas to thirty minutes of seated meditation; which one is better for the soul, for the mind, for the body, for the heart?

Cusco is my Sukhasana. Though Sukhasana looks simple, even commonplace, when you practice it with a clear intention, to be completely present in the stillness, it has the power to draw you deep inside, revealing the immense joy present within your heart. It helps calm the mind, bringing about a natural sense of ease and peace. It helps you open up with enthusiasm toward the life around you, and to be grounded with comfort and acceptance in the present.  When you choose to set roots where you live or find stillness in easy pose, you are able to truly settle into this place because you decided to be there, you set this as your intention. And from there your life, your comfort, your ease, your bliss – they all flourish.  Sukha really is, all around us and within us.

happy place

When I accept Cusco as my home, I feel such an intense joy in my everyday routine – running through the mountains, teaching yoga, drinking a juice in the market, walking through the plaza or visiting Eibhlin at her shop hilo on Carmen Alto. I smile deep from within, wanting to shout out my friend Madera’s famous line, “I LOVE MY LIFE!”

The girls

Sukha has found her home and so have I. Whenever we see her previous owners in the street, she always shows her affection, but when we part ways, she happily runs up to su casa.   Her transition flows so easily between her past and her present, which made me wonder and say to my roommate, “What if one day, Sukha decides she doesn’t want to live with us and finds another owner?”

What’s the answer to that one? Simple. If she does, she does. And it would be in the spirit of her name to flow with her choice without obstacles, without resistance. Maybe one day Cusco will show me that it’s time to leave, pack my bags and move on to the next place, the next story of my life. And that is why we practice yoga, to cultivate the dual qualities of steadiness and vitality, of both comfort in the here and now, and openness to the transformation that lies ahead.

But for now and the time being, I am Sukha’s mom. We live in Cusco. And next Saturday August 1st marks two years back in Cusco, three years in Peru and that same day we’re moving into a beautiful casa in the mountains (Bucky is also getting married!). Sometimes I sit back in awe of how life can manifest itself when I decide to happily keep my sit bones still.

Nahla outside her new house



My best friend Rebecca taught me what it meant to hold a grudge. She was quite good at it after we fought like sisters, so I caught on pretty quickly. Before I get into the topic of forgiveness, I’ll share what she also knew about before me, and that’s testicles.

It was my fourth grade birthday party, a slumber party of course, and we were watching “While You Were Sleeping.” At one point during the film they were talking about how the man in the coma only had one testicle, due to an accident during a basketball game when his opponent had a sharp pencil in his pocket. Ouch.

“Beck,” I said in front of all of our friends, “What’s a testicle?”

Beck had an older brother. She kept staring at the screen and with a mature calmness/rolling of her eyes said, “Ask your mother Katherine.”

“Mooommmm!!!” I screamed out my question and she went to get her medical book. I stepped away from the film and saw a testicle that night for the first time. I saw many diseased and abnormal testicles.

Onward to the point of this post; grudges and forgiveness. This seems to be a big theme right now not only in my life but for friends as well.

First, let’s state the obvious and break the ice, if talking about testicles hasn’t already. Sometimes, we fuck up. Sometimes, we make mistakes. More elegantly put by Alexander Pope, “To err is human, to forgive, divine.” It’s the human experience, pushing the buttons of life as we evolve and try to sort out who we are and what we’re doing and why we’re here. No one is perfect, not Obama, not Brad Pitt, not even my dog Nahla. Though she’s pretty darn close.

During the last few months, in the massive learning curve of running my first business, I’ve made so many mistakes.

In efforts to keep the story private, I’ll share that one of my biggest mistakes stemmed from a situation where I needed to express how I felt to someone, but every time we spoke in person, I caved and appeased to their demands in efforts to maintain the collaboration and friendship. Later, I was stuck in an agreement that I didn’t like and annoyed with myself over my inability to communicate. I was a yogi struggling to honor my voice and my truth. In one of my Dad’s last e-mails he wrote, “Katherine, don’t accept what’s not acceptable to you. Do what is in your heart and mind, it is ok.” It seems I needed a bit more guts to live up to that motto.

Here comes the mistake. Like a typical pitta dosha, I kept my frustrations inside until I had enough and let it out in a brief, abrupt manner across an informal medium and ultimately left the friend feeling hurt.

Now, even after more than a month of avoiding each other, the person says they’re not bothered anymore, yet energetically I felt that was far from the truth.  As a sensitive person, it hit me hard that the forgiveness clearly wasn’t there and doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon.

And that sucked, because no one likes to live with a lingering bad energy or a grudge against them. Then I recalled Maya Angelou’s words, which left me feeling worse: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

No relief there. Is there any way out of this rabbit hole? How does yoga teach me to deal with this situation?

First, I need to forget about the response. In the sacred Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita, the god Krishna tells the yogi Arjuna that it is a mistake to focus on the results of our efforts instead of on the efforts themselves. “The man who is devoted and not attached to the fruit of his actions obtains tranquility.” Or as Frederic Luskin, director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project and author of Forgive for Good says, “The crucial point in apology is not that you’re successful but that you make the effort. Your actions are always about your character. How others receive it is their thing.”

I made the effort and their response wasn’t what I was hoping for. There was no hug, no water under the bridge, no release of grudges. My failed attempt almost ruined the rest of my day, until I told myself to STOP RIGHT THERE. “You cannot make your life a reaction to others; you must make your life your own” – Yogi Bhajan.  Kelly McGonigal, yoga teacher and research psychologist at Stanford University points out, “In Buddhist philosophy, guilt and shame are considered very destructive. These emotions may consume us, but they don’t do any good for the suffering of the other person.”

Alright, so how to move forward from here? Learn. I must take what I need to take from this situation, because at the end of the day, it happened for a reason, because it needed to happen for both myself and the other person involved. “We all have samskaras, or patterns, that lead us to behave in certain ways,” Kelly explains. “To learn from our experiences, we want to look at those patterns in detail. Have you done this before? What were the triggers? The last step is looking at how you can move out of that pattern. This brings us to real change.”

“Yoga asks you to make peace with the deepest, most terrifying parts of yourself and then make that same peace with the external world.”

 ~ Kino MacGregor, Yoga Teacher

“Self-observation is the first step of inner unfolding.” Amit Ray

Phew, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And here’s how to follow that light. McGonigal offers a four-step practice rooted in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy that can take us through the process of making amends.

1). Recognize that you’ve done something that caused suffering or harm.

2). Sit with the feeling of remorse and regret. Feel it in your body, and experience the emotions. Don’t push them away or wallow in them. When we are remorseful, we recognize the harm caused by our behavior but we don’t relive it. Instead, we are moved to action. McGonigal says, “Remorse leads to approach – as opposed to guilt, which leads to withdrawal.”

3). Move into a place of compassion for yourself as well as the person you harmed. McGonigal learned from a Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön. “Take a deep breath and let it out and think to yourself, ‘May we both be free of this suffering.’ The whole purpose of the compassion practices in yoga is that when we practice compassion, we experience compassion. There is tremendous value in that.”

4). Set an intention toward positive action. Energy flows where attention goes. Bo Forbes, yoga therapist and clinical psychologist with Elemental Yoga in Boston says, “Apology and atonement are offered to the person we hurt, but they also help us grow. Atonement brings real change.”

At the end of the day, I’m grateful for this situation. I forgive myself, I appreciate the lesson, and I hope one day the friendship can be real again. “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.” The mistake on my part has taught me a lot, and it’s made me realize how crucial it is to find the guts to speak up for what I believe in, even if it’s what someone might not want to hear and might not be able to hear. It’s better to be clear from the beginning then go back on your word. It’s also taught me a lot about forgiveness, and has inspired great conversations between friends who have either been the victim or the offender. Sometimes we offend others and ruin friendships because something we say or do is a trigger for a deep emotional pain that we know nothing about.  “We are all each other’s teachers, inasmuch as we are all each other’s students,” Roslyn Rus

A yoga teacher of mine said to me once, “try to see that everything is perfect.” Even if there is mala onda lingering between us, one day it may clear. Until then, Luskin says it quite well. “You can’t make it all perfect. You have to be able to forgive the other person when their response is not what you pictured.”